The only thing to say when a colleague tells you she’s pregnant

As I’ve found out over the past few months, there are many unsolicited things you can say when a woman – your employee, your boss, your client, your customer – tells you she’s pregnant.

“I had no idea.”
“Oh . . .”
“Did you get married?”
*silently steps in lift after a meeting* “Bye!”

But there’s really only one word you need to say:


Thats it.

Omedetou! Félicitations! Glückwünsche! (I had to Google that last one.)

Simple. Polite. A cross-cultural safety blanket and all round winner.

Follow up questions, such as

“When are you due?”
“Is this your first baby?”
“Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?”

. . . Will keep you on the right track.

And, of course, “here, would you like some cake?” will always be welcome, too.