Our million yen baby: the cost of giving birth in Japan

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I’ve been putting off writing this blog post as, well, I thought it would be selfish of me to have a heart attack while my baby is still so young.

Last year, I was one of about 980,000 mums to give birth in Japan.

Here’s what we spent for that privilege . . .

The costs

Hospital fees
Pre-natal checks: JPY64,560
Birth costs: JPY885,000
Post-natal checks: JPY18,280
= JPY967,840

Optional care
Birth class: JPY37,044
Acupuncture: JPY15,000
Lactation consultation: JPY8,000
English doula: JPY70,000
= JPY130,044

By the time our bundle of joy was 10 days old, we’d hit the JPY1m mark! (JPY1,097,884 to be exact.)

The good news20170208_105907

Thankfully, I’m enrolled in the Japanese Health Insurance scheme, which covers about 70% of all medical expenses. Had I not had JHI, some of the hospital fees would’ve tripled.

Another bonus is that certain portions of the fees have been / will be reimbursed by our city and our insurer. Stay tuned for updates on this topic.

Finally, we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl to brighten our days. Priceless.

How does the above compare to the costs of giving birth where you live? I’d love to swap notes!