Flying with a 6-month-old vs Flying with a 5-month old

I recently discovered that traveling on a 12-hour flight with a baby who’s six and a half months old is very different to traveling with a baby who’s five months and three quarters.

Baby Hope and I just returned to Tokyo on British Airways 007, after a three-week family holiday in Epsom, near London. While we were in the UK, our little angel learned to sit up by herself and crawl backwards commando-style. This meant that after waving goodbye to Hope’s Grandad at Heathrow, I was going solo with a VERY active and independent-minded infant.

My observations on the baby’s aeroplane antics are below.


A 5-month-old looks up at you with wide, innocent eyes, while gently patting your chest with warm, chubby hands.

A 6-month old uses your lips as a stress toy, while attempting to Riverdance.

Nappy changes

A 5-month old lies on the narrow changing table, gurgling and touching her toes.

A 6-month old uses the opportunity to practice her freestyle diving.


A 5-month old sits in her car-seat playing contentedly with her favourite toys.

A 6-month old uses the bassinet as a royal box, tossing her toys in all directions for serfs in 21D, G and F to pick up.


To your 5-month-old: ‘Taste this teeny piece of boiled carrot from mummy’s meal tray”.

To your 6-month-old: “Here – have a dollop of chocolate ganache”.


A 5-month-old sticks to her nap schedule, and nods off peacefully in your arms.

A 6-month old: HAHA.

Take-off and landing

A 5-month old is curious about the red infant seat belt and giggles when mummy flaps it around.

A 6-month old morphs into a Houdini / emergency siren hybrid.

So there you go. It’s a good job the baby’s cute.

Next stop: jetlag!

Did you find such developmental leaps happening between months 5 and 6? How about traveling with an older baby? I’d love to hear!