Returning to work

After almost a year of maternity leave, I was really happy to return to work at the BCCJ. This happened to coincide with a farewell reception for British Prime Minister Theresa May, who was on a state visit to Japan.

As many working mums have told me, it might take a little time before my brain is firing on all cylinders . . .

Friend: Happy first work day!
Me: Thank you! It felt good though I didn’t get much done. (Just a meeting with the PM – haha!)
Friend: Legendary and ridiculous first day back. How was she?
Me: She was fine but didn’t take her first nap for Ian til 1145. I then burst in the door to get my ID which I’d forgotten and woke her up. Oops!
Friend: I did mean the PM – but just as keen to hear about Hope.