2018 International Conference for Women in Business: Society 5.0.

After attending as a participant and panelist for some years, it is a great honour to be joining this year’s International Conference for Women in Business as a moderator.

The ICWB was established in 1996 – long before Prime Minister Abe coined the phrase Womenomics – and now welcomes almost 1000 delegates for a 10-hour super duper energising day of networking, learning and development, and fun.

Kaori Sasaki, ICWB Founder and Chair says –

“This year’s theme is Live Strong. When we live with energy, we get grounded and move forward. We challenge ourselves to tackle issues. We live healthily and we become strong enough to include others in this era of diversity. This 10-hour conference gives all the participants positive energy to empower themselves and each other.  Join us. All women and men, first-timers or repeaters, who would like to participate, are welcome. We look forward to meeting you on July 22nd, in Tokyo.”

A Vision: 2020 and Beyond

For my part, I’m really excited to be leading a discussion on my hot topics for this year – Tokyo 2020 and Society 5.0.

“This roundtable will address future possibilities for work and life in 2020 and beyond.
Building on the legacy of the past and weaving in aspirations for the future, Society 5.0 will be the fifth big step in the evolution of human society. Topics include diversity and inclusion, how we work and live, and societal innovation, as well as how we can learn and use AI for the betterment of our lives.”

Speakers for the session are:

  • Rui Matsukawa, Member of the House of Councilors, Liberal Democratic Party
  • Susana Balbo, Chair, W20 Argentina, Founder, Susana Balbo Wines
  • Marin Minamiya, “Explorer’s Grand Slam” youngest finisher

Our dream team – a politician, an entrepreneur and an explorer – will be conjuring up a future where super smart communities can balance economic advancement with societal improvement, and where human beings can live a high-quality and fulfilling lives, both professionally and personally, alongside robots and futuristic tech . . .

Closer to home, last week Sasaki-san visited the BCCJ offices to discuss her vision for this year’s ICWB conference.


We know it will be another great one. LIVE STRONG!

To attend, sign up at the URL below.

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