“Mummy and Me Yoga” in Tokyo

Yesterday, in a change to our regular exercise routine at Crossfit, we tried “Mummy and Me Yoga”. As the name suggests, you take a yoga class alongside other mums while your babies play peacefully (haha!) at the front of the room.

Taught at my friend’s apartment by the lovely and experienced Bex Kelly, the class was long enough for me to enjoy a mental reboot and short enough for Hope stay somewhat entertained on her own mat.

Routines were tailored to each mum – one pregnant with her second baby – and focused on movements appropriate to post-natal recovery.

It was only the second time in my life to do yoga (the first time involved a very fancy Japanese studio in Akihabara that sent me running for the hills), and I will definitely go back.

Later, Hope enjoyed practicing some moves in the comfort of her own home!

Bex runs classes in central Tokyo, and can happily teach at your house (partners are encouraged to join, too).

Follow her class schedules below:


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